Best Soundbars 2022

In this article, we have gathered 66 of the best Soundbars you can find on the market right now. All the Soundbars here have been assessed on the basis of how well they have performed in 83337 reviews, where they, amongst other things, have been named "best in test".

We have selected the best ones, based on experts' reviews, and assessed the price of each Soundbar. If you are looking for the right Soundbar at the right price, you can read all about the different Soundbars here and find the exact one that meets your needs.


Are soundbars worth spending money?

Soundbar is a perfect choice for someone who wants a home theatre experience without investing a couple of thousands for a speaker kit. 


How to control a soundbar?

 Your new device will come with its own remote control, but you can usually program your existing TV remote to also work with your sound bar. Some sound bars also come with a free mobile app, so you can operate your device via your phone or tablet.


Can I add speakers to a sound bar?

Some of them – yes, and some no. Some of the newer sound bars come with additional speakers as part of the system which gets you much closer to real home theatre sound. 


Can I add a subwoofer to a sound bar?

Many soundbars are a part of a kit with a wireless subwoofer. The ones that don’t usually incorporate a woofer port so you can add it if you want to have an even greater experience.

How to choose a perfect one for my needs?

While choosing you need to consider the size of a room where the soundbar will stream an audio and decide if you need additional options, and if yes, which one from the wide range of models


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The score is calculated from 1 to 100 based on selected factors:

  • User reviews count for 70%.
  • The price counts for 15%.
  • Expert reviews count for 10%.
  • And selected specifications count towards 5%.