About Toppricer

Toppricer is one of Denmark’s largest comparison platforms, where you can get an overview of a wealth of products sold on the Danish market. Not only do we find the best products at the best prices, we also help you along with product and consumer guides, so you can make informed choices by comparing the best products yourself.

The team behind Toppricer was tired of being let down by products due to poor research and junk tests on the internet. The first listed product is not always the best, but it can be difficult to find your way around the market, as new products are constantly being introduced. We decided, therefore, to get a helper, so Toppricer could create a better and more realistic overview of all the really good products.

Our vision is to create a simple and ambitious platform that selects and lists the best products on the market. We are honest, and we do not just choose the products we get the highest commission on; we choose the products that perform well in reviews, have a good price, and live up to the requirements that we, as consumers, need and expect in terms of features and specifications.

We want to be your preferred platform in consumer magazines, consumer guides, and product comparisons. We, therefore, have a focused team that works hard on scouting the market, does in-depth research, and writes useful articles so you can find the products with the lowest prices at the highest quality.

How do we do this

It can be difficult to find the right product when you look at the many reviews from other users and experts, so we have created an algorithm that will help form an even better overview.

Our algorithm selects the products based on user and expert reviews, price, and specifications. Next, the algorithm gives the products a score and ranks them based on it.

The score is calculated from 1 to 100 based on selected factors:

  • User reviews count for 70%
  • The price counts for 15%
  • Expert reviews count for 10%
  • And selected specifications count for 5%

The consumer’s voice is the most important, so we primarily base our research on user reviews from various webshops, including Trustpilot, Google, Pricerunner, and Facebook, as well as our own Toppricer reviews of course.

We look at the price history of the products, keep an eye on whether the prices are falling or rising, and then assess their score on this basis.

The experts do, of course, also have a say, so we include their reviews in our assessments too.

Last but not least, the features and specifications of a product also affect how it is ranked. Here, we take as our starting point, noise level, capacity, energy class, accessories, and much more. Each specification gets a score from 1 to 5, depending on how good they are.

The score is variable, which means it can change from one day to the next. The score depends on the number of reviews and the price. A product may therefore have a higher score one day, and a slightly lower one the next, when it is compared to similar products.

How we choose the products

We are aware that many products are overloaded with features that are unnecessary for the average customer. They can be useful when promoting a product, but are rarely practical in practice. The most expensive model with the widest range of features is not necessarily the best one on the market. In our buying guides, we recommend the items that we would buy for our family and friends, the ones we would choose ourselves.

It goes without saying that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. Therefore, our experts outline several different typical situations that customers may find themselves in to determine the best product for each of them. We call them ‘nominations’. In each review, you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

The team behind Toppricer

Simon Rasmussen


Julie Maria Hansen

Consumer Expert

Lisbeth Kjærgaard


Stine Mortensen


Louise Christensen


Nanna M. Jørgensen

Graphic Designer

David Podosyan

Web Developer

Mikkel Christensen

Product Researcher

Sofie Bekhøj

Product Researcher

Asiya Parveen

Product Researcher

Søren Jensen

Product Researcher

Kiran Thakur

Product Researcher

Benjamin Petersen

Product Researcher

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The score is calculated from 1 to 100 based on selected factors:

  • User reviews count for 70%.
  • The price counts for 15%.
  • Expert reviews count for 10%.
  • And selected specifications count towards 5%.